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  • Walk ins are strongly discouraged until further notice; however, if a meeting is required we ask residents to make an appointment prior to coming to the Town Office.
  • There will be no interior inspections of occupied buildings until further notice; other inspections will be on a case by case basis, please contact Angela Belzil, Building Inspector, via email or phone to determine further action. 

Please Note: the absence of interior inspections at this time does not relieve the permit holder from conforming to any applicable by-law or the National Building Code as per the issued permit; please contact the Building Inspector for a path forward should the permitted work require an interior inspection within this period of reduced service.

Building and Development Officer: Carolyn Walker                            

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Assistant Building Inspector/By-law Enforcement Officer: Angela Belzil       


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Current By-Laws 

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Sewer Permit Applications are available from the Building Inspector only. 
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A Building Permit is a license which grants legal permission to start construction of a building project.
Permits ensure that planned construction within the municipality meet the standards set out in the National Building Code of Canada and the Town of Hampton By-Laws. The permit and related review process provides for the following:

● Ensures the structure and related land use is appropriately located in relation to lot lines and neighbouring land uses;

● It allows to check to see if the structure can safely and efficiently access roads and utilities as may be required or preferred, and provides for the coordination of these connections and installations;

● Helps ensure that the structure is safe for the owners, future owners, and visitors, by the use of minimum standards and appropriate materials.

The Building Permit process also serves the developer/builder by ensuring that the project is reasonably planned and coordinated before construction begins.

A Building Permit is not necessary when you undertake non-structural work in one and two family homes or you are not changing the use of the area.

Some examples of work that may not require Building Permits are: re-roofing, painting, wallpapering, installing eavstroughing and downspouts.



A Development Permit is written permission issued by the Town of Hampton. The Development Officer is authorized to issue Development Permits. The Development Permit ensures that the proposed development conforms with the Town’s Municipal Plan, Zoning By-law and other relevant Town policies and by-laws. By requiring a Development Permit application, the Town has a chance to find out about potential problems early in the planning stage, and the Town can assist the property owner to avoid conflicts.

The Public will be encouraged to contact the Town Office before beginning development. Staff will use their discretion to determine whether a proposed project will require a development permit. In many cases, staff will determine on initial contact that a permit is not required. Certain cases will require the completion of a development permit application accompanied by required plans. Other cases may require staff to follow up with a site visit to assess the situation. A site visit may determine that the proposed project a) does not require a development permit, b) is a minor development requiring only the property owner complete a short form application or c) is a major development require the submission of an application and necessary plans.

Registered property owners or their agents can apply for a Development Permit by presenting an application, with the necessary supporting documentation and fees, to the Town Office. If the permit is being obtained by the owner's contractor or other agent, the agent must: - present a letter of permission signed by the legal owner at the time of application; OR - have the registered owner sign the application where indicated.

Any Development Permit shall be in force for a period of one (1) year from the date of issue or until the project has been completed or is discontinued for a period of six (6) months and it may be reissued upon request, subject to review by the Town of Hampton Development Officer.

A Development Permit is required to:
1. Develop Town-Owned Property, including, but not limited to, paving onto Town Property and the building and/or landscaping of ditches
2. Change the use of all or part of any land or building with the exceptions of changing the use from one type of retail store or office to another type of retail store or office, or from one type of industrial use to another type of industrial use (provided the latter in each case is permitted outright)
3. Alter the existing grade of a piece or parcel of land so as to change the drainage and runoff patterns of land adversely affecting adjacent properties.
4. Develop undeveloped land including residential development of three lots or more that is not infilling
5. Excavate or strip top soil in accordance with the Zoning By-law or other applicable Municipal and Provincial regulations.

Development Permit Fee is $25.00.  This amount is waived if accompanying a Building Permit. 


A Civic Address consists of: Civic Number, Street Name, Street Type & Community Name
Example: 27/ Centennial / Road / Hampton
Why do I need a Civic Address?
911 Emergency Service, Mail Delivery, Delivery Service, Most utility hook-ups require a valid civic address 

How to get a Civic Address?
Your Options:

Call the Building Inspector at (506)832-6082

E-mail .  Please note that email inquiries will only be answered electronically to the email address you provide. E-mail inquiries are answered from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Tuesday to Thursday, in the order in which they are received. For requests of an urgent nature, please call us.

Fax your information to (506)832-6098

When requesting a civic address it is helpful to have the following information ready if known:

  • Lot Number
  • Assessed owner or assessment number
  • Street Name and Community Name
  • Neighbouring civic numbers

Are you looking for a blue and white reflective civic number plate to post?
The Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department sells blue and white reflective numbers.  Call 848-6601 for more info.