Town of Hampton

Council Agenda for November 12, 2019


  1. 1.     Closed Session  (6:00 pm)
  2. 2.     Open Regular Session (7:00 pm)
  3. 3.    Silent Moment of Reflection
  4. 4.    Approval of Agenda
  5. 5.               Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
  6. 6.               Delegations and Public Hearings   A) Hampton RCMP          
  7. 7.     Adoption of Minutes of October 8, 2019
  8. 8.     Business Arising from Minutes
  9. 9.     Correspondence List 





Leah Grenon and Aiden Barnett

Request for donation for Hampton Middle School Grade 8 Cultural Trip to Quebec


Chris Burpee

Speeding concerns on the Lakeside Road.


Senator Joseph A. Day

Congratulatory letter to Mayor Chorley on receiving the 2019 Louise Breau Memorial Award.


Judy Wilson-Shee, New Brunswick Trail Council Inc.

Letter advising that the New Brunswick Government has deemed the NB Trail Council Inc. to be no longer useful and the group is being disbanded.


Grace Losier, Mayor, Town of Grand Bay-Westfield

Congratulatory letter to Mayor Chorley on receiving the 2019 Louise Breau Memorial Award.


Alicia Allen, Kennebecasis Crimestoppers

Request for $1000 to support the ongoing efforts of the Kennebecasis Crimestoppers for the year 2020.

10. Approval of Accounts

Reports from Committees

11.1       Fire-Rescue

11.2       Health Care

11.3       EMO

11.4       Planning Advisory

11.5       Leisure Services

11.6       Economic Development and Tourism

11.7       Environment

11.8       Finance

11.9       Public Works Advisory Committee

Approval of Reports

12.1        Building Inspector Report

12.2       Communications

12.3       Financial Statement

12.4       Dog Constable

Reading of By-laws

13.1 First and Second reading of By-law 211-19: A By-law of the Town of Hampton to Amend By-law 198-12 Respecting the Remuneration of Council Members

New Business

14.1 Website RFP

15.  Outstanding Issues

16. Adjournment