Town of Hampton

Council Agenda for January 14, 2020


  1. 1.     Closed Session  (6:00 pm)
  2. 2.     Open Regular Session (7:00 pm)
  3. 3.    Silent Moment of Reflection
  4. 4.    Approval of Agenda
  5. 5.               Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
  6. 6.               Delegations and Public Hearings   

A)   Hampton RCMP          

B)    Hampton EMO

7.     Adoption of Minutes of December 10, 2019

8.     Business Arising from Minutes

9.     Correspondence List





Scott Lloy, Director, Community Funding Branch, Department of Environment and Local Government

Town of Hampton 2018-2019 Federal Gas Tax Fund Audit


Nancy Mitchell and Family

Thank you for donation to the Regional Hospital Foundation in memory of David Mitchell.


Royal Canadian Legion New Brunswick Command

Thank you for supporting the Military Services Recognition Book Volume 16


The New Brunswick Medical Education Trust

Letter from Darren McLeod the new Executive Director and letter from Dr. David Marr, Past Chair


Mary Butler, President and CEO, New Brunswick Community College

Copy of the New Brunswick Community College 2018-2019 Annual Report

10. Approval of Accounts

11.       Reports from Committees




12.       Approval of Reports

12.1        Building Inspector Report

12.2       Communications

12.3       Financial Statement

12.4        Dog Constable

13. Reading of Bylaws

      Third and Final Reading of By-law 212-19: Town of Hampton Municipal Plan


14. New Business

14.1     Eastlink

14.2     Storefront Assistance Policy

14.3     Age-Friendly Community Committee

14.4     Casual Staff

14.5     Drafting Building By-law    

15.  Outstanding Issues

16. Adjournment