Town of Hampton

Council Agenda for May 14, 2019


  1. 1.      Closed Session  (5:30 pm)
  2. 2.      Open Regular Session (7:00 pm)
  3. 3.     Silent Moment of Reflection
  4. 4.     Approval of Agenda
  5.   Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
  6.     Delegations and Public Hearings

a. Hampton RCMP

b. Murray Goodman (Drainage on Robin Street)

7.      Adoption of Minutes of April 9, 2019 and Special Meeting of April 25, 2019

8.      Business Arising from Minutes

9.      Correspondence List






Cheryl Gallant, MP

Expressing her concerns with Bill C-68.


 Stacy Sampson, Arthritis Walk Committee

Request for donation to the Walk for Arthritis taking place on June 2nd at the Qplex


Tom Meadus, NBCC

Thank you for the Town of Hampton’s support of the NBCC bursaries program.


Jason Black and Family

Thank you for memorial flowers.


Nicolas Doucet, MS Bike Tour

Letter regarding the 15th annual RONA- MS Bike Tour 2019, taking place on June 22nd and 23rd


 Victoria Wiseman

Request for the Province to install a crosswalk on the Hall Road near William Bell Drive.



Notice – CN Right-of-Way Vegetation Control


Bill Oliver, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Letter regarding 2019 Designated Highway program approval.


Alaina Lockhart, MP, Fundy Royal

Notice that the Town of Hampton’s Gas Tax allocation for 2019 has increased


Scott Lloy, Community Funding Branch

Due to increase in Gas Tax, a revised 2019-2023 Capital Investment Plan is required.


Allan Bowie, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 20

Invitation to a special presentation of the story of the D Day Landings by Dr. Brian Clancy at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 20 in Sussex on Thursday, June 6 at 7pm.


Rosemary Southard, Principal, HHS

Request for sponsorship for Turnaround Achievement Event


Nancy and Phil Morrison

Request for guardrail at 175 Norton Shore Road.


Julie Smith, Elementary Literacy Inc.

Request for the Town to adopt school through the Elementary Literacy Friends Program.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10.  Approval of Accounts

11.  Reports from Committees

11.1        Fire-Rescue

                11.2        Health Care

                11.3        Environment

                11.4        EMO

                11.5        Planning Advisory Committee

12.  Approval of Reports

12.1     Building Inspector Report

12.2     Communications

12.3     Financial Statement

13.    Reading of By-laws

14.    New Business

14.1     Tender - TOH-Works-2019-2

14.2     HR Policy #2 – Constructive Discipline

14.3     HR – Leisure Services Administrative Assistant

14.4     Expression of Interest

14.5     HR Policy #12

15.  Outstanding Issues

16. Adjournment