Leisure Services Advisory Committee

Objectives of the Leisure Services Advisory Committee are as follows:
To advise Council on long term strategic planning and policy development for the Leisure Services department.
To recommend priorities for the annual budget process to the Director of Leisure Services for presentation to Council.
To review applications for all community, sporting or recreation organizations in the Town that require financial assistance, and submit recommendations to Council for inclusion in the Town Budget.

To review project proposals and/or requests for funding from community organizations that impact the Leisure Services Department, and make recommendation to Council with respect to the type and level of support.
To recommend to Council the special recognition of outstanding recreational achievement by an individual or group.
To recommend Land for Public Purposes in new subdivision developments to Council before Council accepts Land for Public Purposes.

Chairperson & Council Representative; Councillor Robert "Dewey" Doucet,  Email: councillor.doucet@townofhampton.ca
Ex Officio; Mayor Ken Chorley, Email: mayor.chorley@townofhampton.ca 
Support Staff; Gena Fowler, Email: gena@townofhampton.ca
Tel : (506) 832-6102
Fax : (506) 832-6405

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