Health Care Committee

The Health Care Committee addresses the Health Care needs of our community and works with AHSC/Region 2 Health Authority, the Provincial Department of Health and Wellness, the Local MLA, the Federal Government and with other organizations which are directly or indirectly involved in Health Care and Wellness in our community.

The Committee will identify Health Care needs through input from Committee members and local citizens. They will work to enhance the provision of primary care and the promotion of wellness. They will work to maintain the Health Care and Wellness resources that are now available and will support and grow those resources to met current and future needs of the community, and identify new resources required.

Chairperson: Dale Somerville
Ex Officio: Mayor Ken Chorley, Email:
Support Staff:Richard Malone, Email:
Tel : (506) 832-6065
Fax : (506) 832-6098 

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