Ambulance Services

A new public sector company, Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) is responsible for providing land and air ambulance services throughout New Brunswick. ANB has contracted with NB EMS, a subsidiary of Medavie Blue Cross, to ensure delivery of these services under a long-term contract.

ANB has implemented an enhanced ambulance service. They are committed to providing excellent and progressive pre-hospital patient care through a “made in New Brunswick” solution.

ANB has grouped the province’s ambulance services into a single operation, in which they manage its day-to-day operations.

They have hired all paramedics in the system and recruit additional paramedics.

New Enhanced System Benefits

A key benefit of the new system is a single operator ensuring delivery of services under a performance-based contract. Other benefits include:

  • Centralized medical direction and enhanced medical oversight processes
  • A single Medical & Communication Management Centre in Moncton deploys provincial ambulance resources and ensures timely responses to ambulance calls
  • Standardized Human Resource management ensures recruitment and retention of paramedics, as well as enhanced training for paramedics.
  • An expanded fleet of ambulances and a standardized preventative maintenance program for system vehicles.
  • Co-ordinated non-emergency patient transfer services.
  • International accreditation, recognizing the NB ambulance system as one of the best in the world.

Department of Health (DH) - Roles and Responsibilities

The Department of Health (DH)  is responsible for the delivery of the Ambulance Service throughout New Brunswick. DH is responsible for:

1. System Design
2. Regulatory Framework
3. Medical Control
4. Auditing/Monitoring
5. Funding

Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) – Roles and Responsibilities

DH has granted ANB the license and authority to provide ambulance services in New Brunswick. ANB has entered into a long-term contract with NB EMS and will:

1. Ensure delivery of services.
2. Employ Call Takers and Dispatchers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, other clinical personnel and supervisors.
3. Approve and contract directly for ambulance procurement and air ambulance services.

For any emergency situation requiring immediate medical attention, please call 911.

For more information about Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB), you can visit their website at

Hampton's ambulances are stationed on Wm Bell Dr.