Protective Services


Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB) is responsible for providing land and air ambulance services throughout New Brunswick. Hampton's ambulances are stationed on William Bell Drive. For more information about Ambulance New Brunswick (ANB), you can visit their website at

For any emergency situation requiring immediate medical attention, please call 911. 


535123 1646729898923707 7640310215808776926 n2The Emergency Operations Centre in Hampton operates during emergency situations only.  The phone number is 832-6470.  Good news if there is no answer...that means there is no emergency situation in Hampton!

Hampton EMO Coordinator:
Keith Copeland
Email :


The Sentinel Alert System allows  to notify residents in our community of situations requiring them to take action to protect themselves and their property from such things as flooding, weather events, and situations that would require an evacuation. In order for this program to be effective, residents must register by double clicking here. 

Contact Information for NB EMO in Fredericton:
General Information: (506) 453-2133 
Toll Free Number: 1-800-561-4034 
Fax: (506) 453-5513 
Internet Web Site: 


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Public Notice (March 30, 2020) The Fire Hall, located at 845 Main Street, will be closed to the public until further notice. They have also suspended any NON-emergency operations. Because of these temporary restrictions, there will be NO new burning permits issued within the Town of Hampton until further notice. In case of an emergency please call 911.

All outdoor burning within the boundaries of the Town of Hampton must be accompanied by a valid burning permit. 

Burning permits for the burning of brush will be issued on Tuesday nights at the Hampton Fire Hall between 6:30-7:30 pm. Applicants that receive a permit may renew these permits once for an additional 7-day period by calling the Fire Prevention Officer at 832-6094 Option 5. These permits are free of charge.

Season permits for outdoor stoves and fire pits can be obtained by calling the Fire Prevention Division at 832-6094 Option 5 and arranging for a site visit (please leave message). These permits are good for the entire year and are free of charge.

Permits will not be issued for the burning of garbage, construction/demolition debris, grass or leaves.

If you have any questions, please call the Fire Prevention Division at  832-6094 Option 5 or visit our website at

Contact Information for Personnel: 
Fire Chief Roger Breau               Phone: (506)832-6094 extension 1                Email:
Deputy Chief Mike Raeburn        Phone: (506)832-6094 extension 2                Email: 
Assistant Deputy Chief Tim Nickerson Phone: (506)832-6094 extension 3 Email:
Captain Ed Crowley, Fire Prevention        Phone: (506) 832-6094 extension 5    Email: 
Captain Korey Whitaker, Training Officer Phone: (506)832-6094 extension 4 Email:


Hampton RCMP – J Division District 3 Kennebecasis 
530 Main St., Hampton NB, E5N 5N9 
Tel: (506) 832-5566
For emergencies requiring immediate assistance, dial 911.

MOVE OVER LAW: The Hampton RCMP would like to remind everyone that when an emergency vehicle is stopped on the highway with its flashing lights on, drivers must slow down, make sure it is safe to proceed and then move over to the next lane away from the vehicle. Please help us keep NB roads safe for everyone!