Crosswalk Etiquette

How is your "Crosswalk Etiquette"?

In busy traffic areas such as Main Street, it is illegal to cross the street unless it is at a designated crosswalk (which is painted on the street as well as marked by signage). Protocol is stopping at the side of the street, placing your arm out, and waiting for traffic to stop before actually crossing the street.
When there are lights provided at a crosswalk, such as the lights on Main street in front of Tim Horton's/Subway, you must use those lights by pushing the button and waiting for the flashing lights to start. Always make sure that the traffic has stopped before crossing.

Did you know you can get ticketed by not following these rules?

When sidewalks or widened shoulders are provided on town streets, those should be used for non-motorized traffic going both directions. When sidewalks or widened shoulders are not available, you should always walk or run on the left side of the street, facing the oncoming traffic. If you are out on bicycle, you should be riding with the traffic on the right side of the street.

Remember - "Leg it on the Left and Ride it on the Right"