Civic Address


911 Emergency Service, Mail Delivery, Delivery Service, Most utility hook-ups require a valid civic address.  Civic Addresses must be posted to receive any municipal service. We can't help you if we can't fine you.

How to get a Civic Address for a new lot?
Contact Carolyn Walker, Building and Development Officer

Fax your information to (506)832-6098 

Are you looking for a blue and white reflective civic number plate to post, as pictured here?

Plates are done up while you wait at the Rothesay Fire Department located at 7 Campbell Dr Rothesay, phone (506)848-6601.  Drop in any time, $15 per civic plate.

You can also contact the New Brunswick 911 Bureau toll-free at 1-888-353-4444 or email to find a supplier of blue civic plates near you.

Every property owner must display their civic address in a way that is clearly visible from the main roadway leading to the home or business.