General Information Regarding Cats

Cat Owners' Responsibilities:
Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pet at all times. Although there is no legislation regarding the regulation of cats within the Town of Hampton, it is in everyone's best interests that cat owners ensure their pets do not become a nuisance.

Responsible Cat Owners:

• Are aware that not everyone in their neighbourhood appreciates cats and may regard uninvited cats on their property as unwelcome guests.

• Prevent their cats from creating issues for their neighbours by keeping their pets under control at all times.

• Are aware that indoor cats are exposed to fewer health hazards than outdoor cats and may live longer, healthier lives.

Dealing with Nuisance Cats

Most cat owners are responsible and keep their cats from creating issues for neighbours. However, situations may arise where roaming cats disturb property owners and damage their property.

Residents who are experiencing issues with nuisance cats should:

• Talk to the owner of the cat. They may not be aware that their pet is being disruptive.

• Plant Rue, a strong scented perennial woody herb, or Scaredy Cat, a flowering coleus, in gardens, near windows, doors and other areas where a cat might be tempted to spray. The strong odour of these plants is offensive to most cats. Rue and Scaredy Cat can be found at most garden centres.

• Keep garden soil moist.

• Purchase an electronic or water spraying deterrent system.