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Hampton Piggs Peak Partnership

An AIDS epidemic, on a scale unknown anywhere else in the world, is devastating Swaziland. In the face of their suffering, the Swazi people cling to an ideal they call “ubuntu”, the essence of humanity that tells us we are all connected and should care for each other. In Hampton, we are proud of our community spirit and we know that, as humans, our community is the world. Our neighbours are not only the people next door but also the people of Africa, the people of Swaziland…the people of Piggs Peak. In the spirit of ubuntu, we are compelled to care for our neighbours. 

The Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership was established in 2005. Since that time, the partnership has put hope into action in many ways. Through the tremendous support of the community, we are now raising enough money to keep 182 students in school as well as supporting many other projects in Piggs Peak, Swaziland.