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Hampton Community Club Inc

The original constitution and by-laws, enacted in 1976 state:
The principal aim of the Club shall be to operate as a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization in such a way as to further the interest of the community in any way possible and to endeavour to keep it a desirable place in which to live, and to this end, special emphasis shall be directed towards the development of athletic and other wholesome recreational activities which will interest and benefit the children and youth of the area. In order to accomplish this aim, the Club may undertake any or all of the following activities:
a) the organization and administration of community athletic and recreational programs
b) the co-ordination of available facilities services and support for such programs
c) the acquisition and administration of land, buildings and other properties and equipment for the purpose of carrying out the Club’s programs
d) the construction of playgrounds and other facilities
e) the solicitation and collection of funds to support and maintain the Club’s activities

Today, these aims and activities continue to dictate the direction of the Board of Directors. For example, we support the operation of the Vivien Myles Fowler Community Library and encourage reading programs for children; we support the various Town’s playgrounds and play areas; we support the Community Pool and its various programs; we administer and disburse the Hampton PRO Kids funds and support fund raising endeavours for all of these worthwhile projects. We are a Registered Charitable organization as recognized under the Income Tax Act and accept donations to further our mandates as described above.
For more information contact Len Goobie, Club president