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Age Friendly Communities Committee

Age-friendly communities support better health, improve safety and achieve greater involvement of community members by implementing age-friendly policies and actions that benefit both older and younger citizens, at the same time.

Council has formed an Age-Friendly Community Committee with the goal of engaging the community to assess how age-friendly Hampton is within the eight domains defined by the World Health Organization. To build awareness and support age-friendly initiatives in the community.

Support Staff:
Gena Fowler

Council Representative:
Councillor Kim Tompkins


New Brunswick’s senior care system is transforming to meet the needs of our growing and aging population. The Provincial Government’s goal is to help seniors live independently and support their access to care as needs change no matter where they live. With help from experts and best practices in other places, they’re adopting a model that puts seniors at the centre, making support better and easier to find and ensuring quality long-term care is available when it’s needed. This is a big change and there is a lot to consider. This includes housing, health, finances, connection to community and daily living. It will take many people and organizations at the table to build a plan that works for New Brunswick.

All New Brunswickers are invited to share their thoughts and opinions online, and in virtual community conversations.Together, we can build a better senior care plan for all New Brunswickers.

Complete the senior care survey.

If you prefer to complete the survey by telephone, please call 211. 211 is a free helpline for New Brunswickers to call when they need help navigating government and community programs.