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Hampton Community Centre - Skate Shop Operation Request for Proposals

Hampton Community Centre Skate Shop Operation

(Sharpening, rentals and retail)

Request for Proposals


Hampton Community Centre

The Hampton Community Centre is located at 808 Main Street, Hampton, New Brunswick. This facility is owned and operated by the Town of Hampton. This facility is a hub of activity all year long and features an ice surface, five dressing rooms, a concession stand, outdoor pool, Hampton’s branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, and the municipal Leisure Services offices.

The standard operational hours for the facility are: Monday to Sunday from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm, October to March. The Tenant will have access to the facility during these times, excluding holidays or storms when the arena is closed. The Tenant must maintain regularly scheduled posted hours. The Skate Shop operations would close from April – August when the ice is removed and dry floor programming occurs.

Opportunity for the Skate Sharpening, Rentals & Retail Operation

The Town of Hampton has established a small designated location (approximately 106 square feet) for the skate shop, conveniently located as you first enter the arena portion of the Community Centre, adjacent to the concession stand. No equipment, shelving or furniture are included. Any renovations are at the Tenant’s expense and must have approval from Arena Management.  

The supply, maintenance and repair of equipment are the responsibility of the Tenant.  All equipment must meet standard safety regulations, be in good repair and approved by Arena Management.

All signage must meet with the Town of Hampton’s signage by-law and be approved by Arena Management.

Proposal Requirements

As part of each proposal, there is a requirement for the proponents to provide a detailed business plan outlining the following:

  1. A detailed list of services offered and pricing
  2. A list of proposed equipment, including make and model.
  3. Hours of operation for the skate shop
  4. Proposed monthly rental amount, which will include utilities. Please break this amount down for in-season rental amount (October – March) and an off-season rate (April-September) if you plan to store your equipment and stock on-site in the space during the off-season.

All questions shall be directed to the Director of Leisure Services. All proponents are invited to do a site visit by appointment. Please make an appointment with the Director of Leisure Services, Gena Fowler at 832-6088 or via email to

SPECIAL CONDITIONS:                  

The Town reserves the right to continue skate sharpening operations outside of the Tenant’s posted schedule. 

Any products available at the canteen shall remain. The tenant must obtain Arena Management’s permission to sell similar items.  No food vending allowed.   The final decision will be that of Arena Management. 

The Tenant must comply with conditions set by the New Brunswick Public Safety Act.

Lease Agreement

The agreement for the Hampton Community Centre Skate Shop will be 2 years in duration. The lease will begin on November 15, 2018 and terminate August 31, 2020. Rental fees are due the 1st of each month, with the exception of November 2018, which will be due on November 15th, 2018.

Successful proponents will also be required to secure, maintain and pay for a general liability insurance policy, with a limit of not less than $2,000,000, naming the Town of Hampton as additional insured, and as evidenced by a certificate of insurance. Additionally the Tenant will be required to carry their own contents insurance.


Deadline for RFP Submissions is 2:00 pm local time on Thursday, November 1st, 2018.

Highest or any bid not necessarily accepted.

Electronic proposals will be accepted and must be confirmed received by the Town Clerk at

Hard copies of the proposal shall be in a clearly marked envelop marked as “Town of Hampton Skate Shop Operator Proposal”, Attention: Megan O’Brien Harrison, Town Clerk to the Town of Hampton, 648 Main Street, PO Box 1066, Hampton, NB E5N 8H1