Dutch Point Trail System and Hampton's Portion of the Trans Canada Trails

Hampton's portion of the Trans Canada Trail is indicated in red on the map.

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The Dutch Point Trail (indicated in yellow on the map) is a multi-trail system in the Town limits that rewards you with beautiful views of the Hampton Marsh. Water levels are influenced by the Bay of Fundy tides, and are especially high during the spring freshet. Some examples of wildlife that make their home in this area are muskrat, beaver, weasels, and ducks. You may see Kingfishers, Red-winged Blackbirds, or even the Great Blue Heron on your hike. There are five trails in all;  Erb's Hill Trail (approx 100m), Wetmore's Walk (approx 300m), Coleman's Trail (approx 600m), Pendergrass Trail (approx 250m), Haden Hill's Loop (approx 600m). The trail entrance is located on Dutch Point Road, just off of Main St.