Proposed Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility

Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility

The Regional Leisure Services Committee would like to thank all residents of the Local Service Districts who took the time to exercise their right to vote on whether they wanted to support the Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility through property taxation to a maximum increase of $30 per $100,000 of assessment. We are pleased that the Local Service Districts of Hampton, Upham, Springfield and Norton have voted “yes.” Residents in these areas have not only voted in support of contributing to the facility through property taxation, they have ensured that they will have equal representation on the Board of Directors with an equal voice, that they will receive a share of the proceeds of the Greater Hampton 50/50 raffle to benefit recreational facilities in their communities, and they will have an equal opportunity to access the facility at an equal cost. So what is the next step? In order to be realized the Hampton Regional Multipurpose Facility requires a partnership with the Federal and Provincial governments and our communities. With the support of the LSDs of Hampton, Upham, Springfield, Norton and the Town of Hampton, the committee is now able to have active dialogue with the other levels of government. We look forward to updating residents as this exciting project moves forward.