Town of Hampton

is located 35 km northeast of Saint John, and is a small, friendly community with many points of interest and beautiful natural scenery. We are nestled on the Kennebecasis River, a tributary of the St. John River. The town’s rolling hills, waterways, farmland, wildlife and world-renowned marsh area reward visitors with a visual feast.

It's our nature! 



 Public Notice: Beginning this week, the Town of Hampton will begin flushing sewer mains as part of our annual Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program. The cleaning and inspection program keeps the sewer system operating efficiently by removing and preventing blockages and reducing the risk of sewer backups. Residents may notice an odour in the homes during the cleaning process. If this occurs, it is advised to flush toilets, run some water through various drains (including floor drains) and open windows and the odour should disappear after a few minutes.

Please be advised that, for those properties without a backflow prevention device on their sewer service line, “back pressure” may occur during line flushing whereby high pressure water being flushed through the lines in the street makes its way into a home’s plumbing lines. Homes are required to have a backflow prevention device, but we are aware that there are still homes in the community that do not have the device installed. In these instances, we would suggest that you close the lid on your toilets to prevent any back pressure fluids from leaving the toilet. Air pressure in the line sometimes causes splashing of the toilet water. Thank you for your cooperation. #HamptonNB #ItsOurNature