Courthouse Update

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Mayor and Council are pleased to announce that the former Kings County Court House will be repurposed into a new municipal services building. We hope that the community will be very proud of to have Hampton’s Town Hall as the anchor to our Town Square revitalization project.  Council recognizes the importance of this significant historical building. The repurposing of the former Kings County Courthouse into the Hampton Municipal Offices will ensure that it is a space that works well for today and into the future. The revitalization will include incorporating some of the magnificent historical elements of the building, while making it energy efficient and functional as both Town offices, Council Chambers and public spaces. The Town will be working with the existing property tenants throughout the project. We now begin the process of turning the vision into a reality. Renovations are expected to be completed in 2016.

The renovations will be completed thanks in part to Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program funding announced July 21, 2015. The Government of Canada has approved a contribution of $267,045 to update the building and improve accessibility. Upgrades to the building include new insulation in the walls and roof, replacing the roof system, installing a heat pump system for heating and ventilation, replacing the existing electrical entrance, as well as new wiring and lighting throughout the building.

Renovations have begun!

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Week 2: